He is one of Germany’s most respected young jazz talents, yet he has already gone past the “young star” label. Born in 1986, pianist Pablo Held has been one of Pirouet Records’ most productive artists over the last few years. Jazz aficionados have been aware of him for some time—as has the journalistic community. He has estab- lished himself as a musician with impressively wide-ranging creativity and a musical maturity that has come to be taken as a given. Now, after three trio CDs and one recording with a large formation, Held has recorded an homage to those who have shaped him. The CD is called Elders, after a Wayne Shorter composition. The title is purposefully cho- sen, since the CD is centered on inspirational figures from older generations—including Held’s parents. It is a musical bow and thank you to role models who have so much of their own creativity that the homage becomes an exciting contest. Moreover, Pablo Held pulls off something unex- pected in the way his group sounds: he has added two wind instruments and an acoustic guitar to his trio.